Surf Lakes to land in Austin, lure area surfers and nearby Tesla employees

Surf Lakes announced a licensing deal for a new project in Austin Texas. The company said this will be the biggest surf park development in the world to date.

At the center will be a 12-acre Surf Lake surrounded by a beach, boardwalks, restaurants, hotels, retail shopping and residency. It’s part of the 400 acre ‘Pura Vida’ high adventure community and will be located just south of Austin’s international airport, 20 minutes from downtown. The development will sit just 15 minutes from the new $10 billion Tesla Gigafactory and its projected 20,000 employees.

“With the land secured, along with zoning, water, and wastewater entitlements, ground-breaking could be as early as mid-2023,” said Surf Lakes in a statement. “With a Capex of roughly $1.3 billion, Pura Vida is on track to be the largest integrated wave pool development in the world.”

The land was purchased by local developers seeking to position a Surf Lake as the centrepiece of their high adventure, mixed-use retail and residential community. Other high adventure additions will soon be announced for the Pura Vida community.

Austin hosts an active population and is currently seeing an influx of new residents from coastal cities. The Texan capital boasts a vibrant music scene, rich culture, and thriving tourist industry.

The city was also host to America’s first surf-focused wave pool, NLand which was purchased by the WSL and has languished in converting the park over to Kelly Slater Wave Co. Technology. Just this week another wave pool project, this time by Wavegarden, was announced for Houston Texas

The Lowdown: Pura Vida development will host a 12-acre Surf Lakes surrounded by beach, boardwalks, restaurants, hotels, retail shopping and residency as part of the new 400 acre  high adventure community. Location will be just south of Austin’s international airport and adjacent the $10 billion Tesla Gigafactory and its projected 20,000 employees. (Please note that map location is an approximation).

WavePool Construction Progress: Planning, paper signing.

Accessibility: Should be public, although the term “high adventure community” does sound like a housing development.

Type of wave(s): Central hub wave making tower.

Wave Generating Technology: Surf Lakes technology uses a round hub to push out waves from the center of a lake. The waves fanning out break on a series of reefs and points. One of the largest and most ambitious wave pool techs to date.

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-6 ft, Lefts and rights along a series of reefs, points, ledges at possibly 2400 waves per hour. Inventors of the ‘5 Waves’ concept, which produces 5 different breaks at one location.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: N/A

Price Breakdown: You can buy one for $20-$30million or buy stock for $100K.

Pool Structure: Manmade Lake with semi-chlorinated water.

Waves per hour: 2000

Atmosphere: Set in Austin, the music and craft beer is guaranteed to be next-level. Will see how far developers go with the “Pura Vida” vibe.

Apparel: Boardshorts and bikinis for summer or short wetsuits during the transition and winter seasons.