Surf Park Summit names master of curated, all-inclusive experiences as this year’s keynote speaker

Jeff Pensiero, creator of Baldface Lodge, will apply his adventure and hospitality knowledge to surf park experiences and how wave pools can “facilitate curated experiences for the perfect day, everyday”

Surf Park Central announced this week that Jeff Pensiero, founder and creator of the renowned Baldface Lodge, will fill the slot of keynote speaker for Surf Park Summit 2023. Having been at the forefront of the adventure and hospitality industry for over two decades, Jeff will seamlessly translate his expertise from the world of backcountry powder into the realm of surf park experiences focusing on “how to facilitate curated experiences for the perfect day, everyday”. Summit will be held from September 18-20 at Scripps Seaside Forum in beautiful San Diego, CA.

“We are privileged to announce Jeff Pensiero as the distinguished keynote speaker for Surf Park Summit 2023,” stated Dr. Jess Ponting, Associate Professor at San Diego State University and Co-founder of Surf Park Central. “Jeff’s remarkable contributions to the development of the successful high-end wilderness Catski sector in North America have solidified his status as a legend in his field,”

“His ability to curate extraordinary, all-inclusive, co-created experiences for guests has garnered such immense popularity that bookings are filled a year in advance, with a waiting list of several hundred. Through Jeff’s enlightening presentation, attendees will gain valuable insights, lessons, and knowledge on the intricate process of establishing a pioneering industry sector from scratch. This experience will undoubtedly inspire and equip individuals in the surf park space.”

Jeff, a distinguished entrepreneur and visionary, is set to delve into the art of creating curated, all-inclusive experiences. His expertise lies in integrating staff and guest experiences into a culture of positivity and growth. By fostering a mindset of continual learning from challenges, Jeff provides practical strategies and a passion-driven approach that elevates surf park operations.

Through his presentation, attendees can expect to be inspired and witness the ignition of innovation within the surf park industry. Ultimately, this will result in the creation of exceptional experiences for surfers of all levels.

“I’m excited to meet other ‘peak experience’ creators and share some of what I’ve learned from the snow world with the new surf park creators of tomorrow”, said Jeff Pensiero, founder of Baldface Lodge. “The similarities of what I do and the surf park work are striking, and I’m sure some of the trials and tribulations I can share from 25 years of creating Baldface will be valuable pieces of insight for the attendees of the surf Park Summit. I look forward to speaking and meeting other creators at the Summit!”

Surf Park Summit 2023 is a must-attend event for surf park developers, operators, investors, and enthusiasts. Join Jeff Pensiero and other industry leaders around the world such as Tom Lochtefeld – SurfLoch, Ray Lauenstein – EpicSurf and Peter Katkov – Apex Risk from September 18-20 at Scripps Seaside Forum, San Diego CA, as they explore the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the dynamic world of surf parks.

For more information and to secure your spot at the event, learn more at Surf Park Summit 2023.