SurfAid Cup decides to run in freshwater Melbourne

SurfAid is partnering with Urbnsurf for the second version of their charity event to be held in a wave pool. The contest raises money to help families in remote surfing locations throughout the world, namely Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and Baja Sur, Mexico.

The SurfAid Cup is comprised of five-member teams with each individual raising a minimum of $1,000.

“The tag-team surf event is your opportunity to surf alongside some of the best in the sport, with each registered team made up of four mates and a surfing pro,” says SurfAid.

The money goes toward providing water, medical supplies, education and basic sanitation systems in special remote places that happen to host some of the world’s best salted waves.

“Funds raised through the SurfAid Cup directly translate to transformational change in our communities,” says founder Dave Jenkins. “SurfAid’s hand up, not a hand out, philosophy is built to ensure lasting sustainability in our communities.”

urbnsurf melbourne

The Melbourne version of the event is on trend with wave pools now emerging as a shining star for charity and fundraising venues. Urbnsurf also ran the Rubber Duck Party wave event which raised money for men’s health issues.

The first SurfAid Cup held at an artificial wave was at Kelly’s in Lemoore. That event raised a phenomenal $217,000 for the organization. And SurfAid is excited about running the comp at Australia’s most famous wave pool.

“No need to check the swell, you’re guaranteed perfect 3ft waves that bring nothing but stoke for 12-16 seconds each ride,” said SurfAid. “This is an opportunity to turn one truly epic day of surfing at the most sought-after wave in Australia into a year of support for our partner communities.”

Urbnsurf stated they have a team ready for the February 19, 2021 event and look forward to keeping the surfing connection going.

“We’ve entered a team, as we’re proud to support SurfAid’s incredible work that improves the health, wellbeing and resilience of families living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.”

To support the SurfAid Cup Melbourne check this link.