Wave Pools and Fundraising: SurfAid & Urbnsurf forge template with unique event

On Friday, March 25th SurfAid’s signature fundraiser event, The SurfAid Cup ran at Urbnsurf in Melbourne for the second year. Eight teams from around Australia raised $54,537 for SurfAid’s programs helping to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of people in remote surf communities.

Each team of six featured a lineup of talented surfers, with judging provided by Surfing Victoria. The legendary fundraising and surfing teams included the Urbnsurf Boardriders, Pipeline Plumbing, Rip Curl, The Core Lords, Mambo, Surfline, Amazon Web Services, and Colonial Brewing Co.

Taking out first place on the fundraising leaderboard was the crew from the Urbnsurf Boardriders, who raised an incredible $10,998 and took home the title of Fundraising Champions. This meant they were able to pick their preference of side of the pool and went on to make it all the way through to the finals, alongside other qualifying teams Mambo and Rip Curl.

surfaid cup 2022 at the urbnsurf wave pool
Extra points for Team Spirit at the SurfAid Cup 2022 at Urbnsurf. The annual event raised $54,537 to help those in remote surf regions.

7x World Champion Layne Beachley dropped in early in the day for a surprise surf in the heats for the Amazon Web Services team. Doctor V bought provided refreshing drinks to competitors and guests throughout the day. Competitors were dressed in a custom t-shirt designed by Mambo artist Nathan Sheahan.

To finish up the event, teams gathered at the Three Blue Ducks restaurant on-site at Urbnsurf to hear the results from the competition over lunch, with beers served by Colonial Brewing Co. After much anticipation, the final scores were revealed and rippers at team Mambo won by 1 point, narrowly beating defending Surfing Champions from Rip Curl Australia.

“We thank the teams for raising over $54,000 for SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health programs, which will have a lasting and important impact in the field. Our second SurfAid Cup Urbnsurf was once again a huge success and we are deeply grateful to the teams and sponsors for their support of the event,” said Doug Lees, SurfAid CEO.

andrew ross at the surfaid cup 2022 at urbnsurf
A key person responsible for bringing Urbnsurf to life, Andrew Ross showed up to blow up and raise money for SurfAid.