Surfing in Switzerland through the eyes of Maud Le Car

Can you pull into an ice-cold keg like vegan pro surfer and accomplished artist Maud Le Car? Didn’t think so. The Volcom team rider from the Caribbean isle of Saint Martin lives in Southwest France, hitting the throaty beaches of Hossegor whenever it’s firing.

Maud is no stranger to wave pools. She was one of the early Cove stars in one of the more popular clips from the Wavegarden HQ facility that promoted hot summer surfing (embedded below). Last week she made the 11-hour drive to Sion in Switzerland to sample the new Alaia Bay wave pool. Along with an impressive roster of European pros, Maud got to try various Wavegarden settings including the famed Beast Mode. We asked her about the sessions.

What’s the whole vibe of Alaia Bay?

The place is insane, you are in the middle of mountains and the snow, in a luxury structure surfing in the middle of the mountains it’s really different and nice!

The Alps and the view must be pretty spectacular – what was your favorite thing about surfing in Switzerland?

The landscape is so unexpected. Surfing in the middle of the snow is my favorite thing about surfing in Switzerland.

maud le car at alaia bay switzerland
The water got down to 3 Celsius (38 F) but that didn’t slow down The Maud.

Least favorite thing?

The cold- but I have to say It was way easier and better than what I thought when I first heard the water temperature was at 3 degrees (38 Fahrenheit). Surfing cold water in a pool is much easier than in the ocean. You have no duck dive to do and you can run or walk to the take-off point so except when you fall you are not underwater that much. It changes everything.

You’ve surfed the Wavegarden Cove HQ in the Basque Country and now this wave – how do they differ?

This wave in Alaia Bay is way better than in the Basque Country, with more modules the wave is longer and has more face and space for the turns. Also, the barrel section is a lot easier and better. The take-off is easier and then the barrel is more direct like you arrive in a sub from an easy takeoff. It’s awesome to learn how to barrel.

Are you the first professional female surfer to ride a wave in Switzerland?

I think so. What an honor to be the first female surfer to ride in Switzerland! I hope I can go back soon. Already missing the perfect waves and fresh air in Switzerland.