Surfland Brasil’s soft opening goes hard

The first waves rolled through at Surfland Brasil in Garopaba this week. Several top pros, including Yago Dora, Matt Herdy, Joao Chumbinho, as well as elite skateboarders Pedro Barros and Keegan Palmer, all collaborated with Wavegarden’s fluid dynamic experts to program the Wave Menu.

The soft opening here marks Wavegarden ́s second facility in Brazil and seventh globally. The condominium complex is open to the public and features a 78-bed hotel, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the waves for a session cost ranging from 75 to 90 euros. Tickets can be purchased on the Surfland Brasil website.

“Surfland Brasil is more than a resort; it’s a condominium, a hotel, a surf park, and much more,” said Giesta, appointed as CEO of the complex. “We added a 78-bed hotel to allow visitors to enjoy the waves and now this destination is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to pass their vacations in one of the most alluring surf spots in the world.”

surfland brasil
Surfland Brasil is unique as it’s the first timeshare model for condominiums at a wave pool development.

The company said that the vision for Surfland Brasil is to cater for a diverse clientele, ranging from beginners to elite surfers, with a focus on the family market. Giesta ́s decision to incorporate a Wavegarden Cove with 52 modules allows for the creation of over 20 different waves. With optimal surfing conditions in the nearby ocean available only 35% of the year, Surfland will guarantee world-class waves 100% of the time to attract surf tourism and foster a stable economy for the local community.

The Surfland Brasil development, which includes the wave pool and a vast array of customer amenities, was created by André Giesta of Giesta Enterprises. The project adopts an innovative product and commercial format with fractional apartment ownership – a system akin to the shared economy trend exemplified by platforms like Airbnb, Uber, and Bike Share. Featuring 278 apartments priced around 30-40K euros and ranging in size from 60-100m2, owners collaboratively share assets and divide costs.

surfland brasil
Skate legend Pedro Barros also designed the adjacent skate facility.

“It’s great to be in Garopaba,” said Josema Odriozola, CEO of Wavegarden. “This surf town on the south coast of Santa Catarina, with its beautiful beaches and ideal weather, is now even more alluring with the addition of our Wavegarden Cove. Working hand-in-hand with some of the country’s top surfers to program our Wave menu prior to the soft opening this week is a real privilege. The lagoon was filled with water just days before we arrived and unfortunately had high levels of iron in it. Nonetheless, over the coming weeks our Water Treatment System will transform its color from brown to crystal clear.”

In addition to the surfing lagoon, the complex will gradually open infrastructure for various sports activities like a skatepark designed by Pedro Barros, swimming pools, tennis courts, beach tennis, surf museum, restaurants, jogging track, gym, yoga shala, spa, and play areas for children. The entire site has integrated green roofs, solar panels, rainwater harvesting and native flora into the infrastructure. Notably, Surfland Brasil has been honored with an international landscaping award.

Beyond Surfland in Garopaba, Wavegarden has a busy period ahead with new facility openings scheduled for various parts of the world, including Sydney, Scotland and Virginia Beach.