Surftown Manila aims to complete project in three years

Surf in the Philippines can range from the epic kegs of Cloud 9 to longboard-friendly reefs. A Manilla group plans to add one more surf spot to the country with plans for a 2 Hectare wave pool surrounded by swimming pools, accommodations, skate park, camping, restaurant, bar, surf shop and more.

Surftown Manila joins two other projects with the Surftown moniker, one in Arizona and one in Munich. All three wave pool projects are similar in name only, as they are run by different entities.

Spearheading the Philippines Surftown is real estate veteran Gino Victorino. Gino says his experience with markets in North America, the UK, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia will help him bring this project to life at home in Manila. Two other partners, actor Rafael Rosell and Fritz Legaspi round out the team.

“This surfpark will engage the next generation of Filipino athletes to advance the sport to the next level and be our country’s next Olympic Gold medalist,” says Gino. “The park will be designed and adapted for surfers of all levels and ages within a natural beach environment setting.”

The SurftownMNL website says they aim to make the sport accessible to all walks of life, welcoming the communities’ underserved-served children and also using the sport as a form of therapy to people with special needs.

Surftown is in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign and says that if all goes according to plan, they will be fully operational in three years.

Main Image by Alexes Gerard