Why are these Swedes so damn happy? Oh yeah, they scored pumping surf for their national championships

The Swedish Champs went down at Waco Surf last month crowning several new national champions. The field was made up of six men and six women who had qualified through previous events and at specialty comps at Torö in early October 2022

As a peninsula, Sweden gets swell on three sides, in the east Knäbäckshusen is the main draw, while Kåseberga lights up the southern tip and Mölle stokes surfers in the west. Varberg takes the title as the unofficial surf capital.

But you can’t always rely on quality surf to pump through these areas. That’s why the Swedish Championships decided to rock up to Waco Surf to hold their national finals. And if you think the 12 hours of flight time would hamper participants, it’s good to know that Swedish surfers are experienced globe trotters.

“Sweden has many prominent surfers who compete in different parts of the world,” said Joakim Alm, CEO of ALM Equity and the force behind moving the championships to the USA. “What many of them have in common is that they are Swedes living abroad. Which is good because the surf in Sweden is not always epic.”

Results of the 2022 Swedish Surf Championships


1. Kian Martin total 17,17 – highest score 9,17

2. Cristian Portelli total 17,17, highest score 8,67

3. Teddy Dag Billie total 15,1, highest score  7.83


1.Elin Tawharu total 12,84 – highest score 6,67

2. Emmy Wilén total 11,5 – highest score 6,33

3. Linnéa Birnbo total 10,5 – highest score 8