Taylor Jensen tests different longboard techs at Kelly’s Wave

Wave Pool clips are predominantly shortboard-centric slices of digital candy. Airs! Flips! Freaky. wedge waves! It’s like the ubiquitous beauty standard set by fashion magazines, totally unattainable without photoshop and a keto diet. Longboarders unfortunately, are invisible in the world of wave pool clips the same way your high school gym coach never made the cover of GQ.

But a breath of fresh air is live on YouTube with Taylor Jensen testing out a few Firewire technologies at the Surf Ranch. The 3X WSL World Longboard champ aimed to dial in the difference in constructions, specifically in torsion flex, the way a surfboard twists lengthwise to spring out of turns. Test subjects include the Thunderbolt Red and the Thunderbolt Black constructions.

“I’m super stoked to test the boards out on a wave pool like this and to have that consistent canvas to really see what the difference is, especially with a wave that has so much power to it,” says Taylor. “You can really feel the flex through bottom turns and top turns. And the opportunity to that is really unique and I feel really fortunate to come here and do that.”