The (almost forgotten) art of longboarding in a wave pool

Since Kelly’s pool debuted in December of 2015 the world’s machine-generated surf has been the domain of shortboarding. The very first clip of Waco’s wave featured a flip by Hawaiian all-star Seth Moniz. And just like that, the concrete set in our collective wave pool psyche and machine waves became synonymous with high-performance shortboarding.

But between the Instagram shares of the latest aerial tweak are digital moments of longboarding steez that illustrate the potential for wave pools on high-volume craft.

“It’s a really good wave, easy to surf on a longboard,” Luca Doble says of the Surf Lakes test facility in Yeppoon. “I wasn’t expecting that and then the first wave was just perfect for a longboard.”

And despite media attention drawn each day to small shiny objects like the Freak Peak and Beast Mode, many surf parks are longboard friendly. We combed the interweb to collect our favorite wave pool longboarding clips and found a rich, stylish and beautiful few minutes across several different pools.