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Be Kind Rewind: The lost clip from Jack Freestone and Chippa’s desert quest

Dion Agius stunned the digital surf sphere when he debuted his Electric Blue Heaven clip in 2012. For the first time, the world saw the potential in wave pools for doing big, tweaked airs.

Not to be outdone, fellow Australians Chippa Wilson and Jack Freestone forayed to the very same wave pool in Dubai shortly after. In their edit, the duo trade a host of creative grabs mixed in with slobs, shuvits and all-out hacks.

Backed by Globe, Dion’s edit had 10-times the budget and included bikini models from Estonia, Ferrari stunt driving and cinema-worthy B-roll. In contrast, the Chippa clip feels more bare bones, coming off as a “working man’s” Dubai wave pool surf trip.

For comparison, here’s Dions opus…

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