The lowdown on Sao Paulo’s Boa Vista wave pool

We’ve been following Brazil’s wave pool explosion very closely. In development are: Two Gabriel Medina signature pools, Surfland Brasil and the Adriano de Souza endorsed Surfcenter indoor wave tank modelled after a fitness gym. Currently, the land of green and gold has two tanks actually up and running. Praia da Grama, a Wavegarden Cove at the center of a large residential development, and Boa Vista which follows a similar biz model using PerfectSwell technology.

This Sao Paulo development by JHSF follows a trend in anchoring new projects around wave pools. Maybe slightly varying from the norm, the Boa Vista layout has a multi-story, swank-looking hotel for visitors making freshwater surf trips. Just recently JHSF development company threw a big party for the grand opening of the development with pro surfers and local celebs present (video clip below). WavePoolMag reached out to developers JHSF to learn more about how the business is being run and, more importantly, when you can surf it.

How was the opening at Boa Vista, was it well-received?
Yes, the reception was great. In June, we held an event to open the pool and the surf club as a whole, which has other amenities, such as the beach, spa and beach tennis courts. The wave pool received surfers all day long, many clients were able to visit the place that day. We received the world champion Italo Ferreira and international professional surfers, such as Stephanie Gilmore and Carissa Moore. For us, this attests the quality of our wave pool.

Can you tell us a little about JHSF?
JHSF was founded in 1972 and since 2007 is a publicly traded company, with shares listed on B3, the Brazilian stock exchange. The company operates in shopping malls, real estate development, hotels and gastronomy being focused on the high-income segment. In addition to Brazil, the company also operates in other countries, such as the United States and Uruguay. Since its founding, the company accounts for more than 6 million square meters built. The surf clubs, both the recently opened one in Boa Vista Village and the future São Paulo Surf Club, account for an integrated structure to provide and improve the well-being of residents and users.

Why did JHSF choose a wave pool as the center of the project?
We realized that many of those who were already our customers, mainly from real estate projects, went to the beaches on some weekends to practice surfing. However, surfing on the beach may not always be as expected, since it’s subject to meteorological conditions, that is, the waves may not be good enough or the wind can get in the way. There is also the problem of transportation with roads to the coast often jammed. So we saw an opportunity and that we had potential customers. We decided to structure the project and put it into practice as soon as the wave pool technology became commercially viable. Our clients now have a place with high-quality guaranteed waves, exclusivity and with less time spent chasing surf. The wave pool is one of the main amenities at Boa Vista Village, along with apartments and a hotel in front of the surf basin. The Boa Vista Village wave pool was so well accepted by our customers that we started to think about a similar one in the capital and that is what we are building now.

Is that the Surf Club?
Yep, the wave pool at the club in São Paulo will have the same features as at Boa Vista Village: 200 meters of surfing area and waves of up to 22 seconds. The São Paulo swimming pool will be located in front of Ponte Estaiada, a very traditional spot in the city, next to the Pinheiros River.

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