The Wave Bristol shortlisted for engineering marvel award

A panel of engineers has selected England’s only Wavegarden Cove to join 11 other projects competing in the ICE South West Civil Engineering Awards.

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), an independent professional association for civil engineers with 95,000 active members, just shortlisted The Wave in Bristol for the People Choice Award category. The Wave was chosen due to its innovative design and “service to the community” commitment.

“The Wave is a ground-breaking inland surfing destination where consistent, safe waves, bring surfing to people of all abilities,” ICE said in a statement. “An innovative feat of engineering design creates 1,000 waves per hour. The £25m project over a 75-acre site includes a 180sqm surfing lake, a 100m viewing pier and a 1,000sqm clubhouse.”

Europe’s first public Wavegarden Cove opened late last year with a soft launch and has slowly built up it’s services to both the core surfing community and those just becoming surfers.

Nick Hounsfield, co-founder of The Wave started the project in 2010 and saw many evolutions of the site over the years. While spearheading the project from concept-to-construction-to-completion, he’s quick to direct praise to the pocket-protector set who made it all happen.

“This nomination is important for all the team but particularly the engineers, architects, project managers and construction team who have had to work tirelessly over several years designing and building something that has never been done before and do it with a sustainability ethos which has challenged the conventional,” said Hounsfield. “That proves that they are a world-class team and we are so proud to have them as part of the wave-making team here at The Wave. This is a moment for them to shine and get praise for everything they have achieved.”

The Wave will be competing against several bridges, a handful of motorway projects, a nuclear power station seawall and a tidal gate in Cornwall. Surfers can vote for their favorite project here.

The People’s Choice Award, along with the winners of the other award categories, will be announced at the ICE South West Civil Engineering Awards in October 2020.

Main image via The Wave by Global Shots

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