Things to watch during lockdown that aren’t Tiger King

This deep into the lockdown many of us have exhausted our favorite watch lists. And unfortunately, the low-hanging fruit on our playlists have expired. In the interest of keeping the community sane during the pandemic, here is a list of some must-see, might’ve-missed-it, and how-do-I-pass-the-time-until-I-fall-asleep? programming. Enjoy.

Watch John John at Kelly’s

One of the world’s favorite surfers enjoying 11-time world champ Kelly Slater’s wave pool with his brother and friends. Coach Ross Williams comes along and points out where the champ is nailing it and looking like a contender or not-quite-nailing it and looking like a mere CT Top-10 surfer. Great insight into JJF’s board selection, thought process and approach to surfing.

Novelty session king Ben Gravy goes pooling

Like a big happy puppy, Ben Gravy comes bouncing into our YouTube feeds each week with something new, different and always fun. The creator of Nub Nation toured five wave pools last year, discovering an Indiana secret in the process. He goes to the task of making a top 5 list (Google Search engines love that stuff) of the USofA’s best wave pools and even gets kicked out of Big Surf in Arizona.

Reminisce about when GoPros were a thing

GoPro has had a tough time with camera sales dropping due to inexpensive competition and possibly because surfers tired of watching several hours of themselves paddling. Wave pools are helping the GoPro cause. Rides are more frequent and shot setup is more controlled. In this clip, Mason Ho is joined by Nathan Florence and Cruz Dinofa in a quick-ripped edit of fun times in Waco from a few years back.

Watch Tiger King. Or. Don’t watch Tiger King

There have been only a few television events that captivated much of the world – Lost, Roots, Game of Thrones and that one Happy Days episode where Fonzi jumps a shark. Today, a mulleted sparkly man from and former zoo operator named Joe Exotic has moved to the top of everyone’s Netflix cue and become the top meme of the COVID-19 pandemic. The show is a dumpster fire of clashing personalities, privilege, and speculation. Love it or hate it, it’s escapist binge-watching at it’s best.

Watch the North Shore

By now all the quips immortalized by Rick Kane, Turtle and Lance Burkhart (Matt Adler, John Philbin, and Laird Hamilton respectively) have become pop-culture gems, especially here in the wave pool sphere. The film sets out in Arizona as Rick Kane wins a wave pool contest and a ticket to the North Shore where the other 95% of the story takes place. Despite this minor detail we still consider it the best wave pool fiction out there.

Reminisce about close proximity to people

Remember when bumping into a stranger wasn’t life-threatening? We do. This artful edit of the wave pool clip made famous around the internet will make self-isolation feel like an OK idea. After a month of lockdown, this is starting to look more and more tempting. But, with so many people in the pool someone had to have peed, right?

Do a little wave pool history

Phil Roberts is responsible for pulling our collective wave pool dreams and concepts out of the ether and putting them to paper. He’s worked with Tom Lochtefeld, Tom Carroll and others to make far-fetched ideas seem all too do-able. Phil has created hundreds of renderings over the decade and took what was once merely a stoner science reserved for dudes in puka shell necklaces and tight canvas Katins and made it something too real. And for that, the wave pools of today owe him a heap of thanks.

Wave Pool insights with Rob Machado

Rob Machado shares his design for a perfect wave pool then stops, reflects, and dishes out a few more ideas. You’ll also find out why an Alaia or Twin works best at Kelly’s Wave and how Munich, Germany could be the model for the coming wave pool surf scene.

Kalani Robb’s mini wave pool

Kalani Robb brings Beefs TV to a secret mini wave pool location to test out wave settings on a remote control surfer…

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