Too Easy: Flowstate AI video capture system launches bespoke highlight reels

Flowstate, the company behind an innovative video capture system for surf parks, has launched new AI-automated highlights abilities along with many other customer and surf park user-freindly features.

The Flowstate Zone system works by recording a customer’s rides during their wave pool session and within minutes of finishing, compiles them into a downloadable folder – effectively removing the hassles of organizing clips, storing large files, and editing hours of footage.

The newly launched AI-automated highlights goes a step further by finding the best waves and moments from within that session.

“Our advanced AI models have undergone extensive training and are continuously improving their ability to recognize and capture the most exhilarating moments from surf sessions, culminating in bespoke highlight packages,” said CEO Luke Wallace.

These AI Automated highlights will now come in 4 different modes designed to boost onsite engagement and simplify social media marketing. The highlight modes are: Surfer Highlights, Daily Wavepark Highlights, Weekly Session Highlights and a special Members Area.

Surfer Highlights:  Every surfer who purchases their session gets a 30 second highlight clip available to download in portrait or landscape. Available to download and share in both portrait and landscape crops, the AI-generated highlights condense the 3 minutes of raw footage into a highlight reel ready to share on social media and acts as a session preview on the Flowstate platform.

Daily Wavepark Highlights: Billed as a social media marketing manager’s new best friend, the Daily highlights are automated and integrated directly into a wave pool’s social channels. 

Weekly Session Highlights: Showcasing the highlights from individual wave settings and session types, help build a community of like-minded surfers of similar surfing abilities. 

Members Area: This feature enhances the VIP members experience with dedicated highlights of members in the members area.  

The company’s new feature offers the ability to download clips in social media portrait format, or landscape format for tablet or big screen TV.

“Our AI object tracking modules have been customised to generate a second version of your clips and output every wave into a portrait crop,” added Luke. “Designed for mobile phones and social media, the surfer remains centred in the video at all stages of the wave and makes for a great content for Instagram Reels, Stories, Tik Tok and YouTube shorts.” 

Flowstate’s Session Replay mode and Highlights is designed for Big Screen TVs and projectors within a surf park’s facility, for example all URBNSURF Melbourne’s Flowstate clips are broadcast in The Three Blue Ducks restaurant on site at the surf park. The company noted that this feature helps amplify the customer experience, increase onsite dwell time as well as food & beverage sales.

“The clips are played within the surf park food & beverage areas and key congregation points,” added Luke. “The session replay mode plays back the previous surf session so guests can grab a bite to eat and drink and watch their session with their friends.”

To benefit a wave pool’s social media team, the new feature also captures key moments from the entire day’s action in the water. The daily highlights package showcases surfers’ purchased sessions from all levels and all sessions from the previous day’s activity. This content can be integrated straight into a surf park’s social media channels, and automated highlights can be scheduled to post automatically every single day straight into Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & TikTok. 

When a member surfs and purchases their session, their highlight reel will automatically start to play on the Members highlight package. The members highlights are designed to be played iin a surf park’s dedicated Members areas as a way to help people connect.

 How does Flowstate’s AI work? Check the WavePoolMag Podcast below to find out.

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