Top 5 Waco wave clips! (so far this year)

The Waco wave pool kicked off a banger year. So many pros and their filmers descended on the Texas park to collect footage and practice new airs. The result is an onslaught of clips in the digital surf-o-sphere.

Celebrations at the wave pool include a new Sebastien Zietz signature air section, the Freak Peak and the much-applauded elimination of that weird, blue Play-Doh water. Here we’ve collected five of our favorites for your curiosity and stoke.

Bobby Martinez means business

In one of our favorite clips of the year so far, Bobby Martinez and Parker Coffin light up the waves. Parker with his hacks and Mr. Martinez with his old school straight airs. Did you know Bobby was one of the first pros to surf the original Wavegarden prototype back in 2010? This clip is also colored with some super shiny moments from Bethany Hamilton and Jett Schilling as well.

50 seconds of amazeballs surfing

We found Chippa Wilson and Seabass standing in line before BSR Surf Resort even opened their doors this Spring. The first Waco clip of the year was a nice contrast between Seabass’ World Tour polish and Chippa’s creative air game. Seabass loves wave pools. He samples Wavegarden’s Cove technology in the Basque Country every chance he gets. And for his BSR trip, he didn’t mind tweaking the dials on the American Wave Machines PerfectSwell technology. The electric regular foot tweaked out an “everyman’s air section” that’s a bit easier to launch off of than the previous BSR model. He also threw in a few moments with the now famous Freak Peak.

Grom practice in perfect peaks

Sam Piter, Dean Vanderwalle and the Euro crew take on Texas’ most excellent wave pool. The French contingent including Piter’s surf coach dad Didier worked on airs and air reverses for a few days. While the spinning in this clips gets a bit monotonous the quickness these kids hit the ramps with is truly amazing.

The debut of the Freak Peak

The much talked about Freak Peak went un-landed for months. It was just too high. Too weird. Too easy to snap an ankle. Check out Texas’ newest wave that stupified and challenged a clutch of fringe pros. Then watch them tame it.

Jackson Dorian is the grom king

The Instasphere is a buzz with the workings of Shane Dorian’s son Jackson. The father-son duo went to Kelly’s wave late last year and this year hit Waco. Twice. Jackson’s cat-like adjustments mid-air, super frothiness set against super-mature surfing mesh perfectly with the waves on offer.

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