TV: Under-the-radar pros hit the Waco pool

We love the RVCA surf team. They are low-key and a bit off-kilter. Ford Archbold and Luke Davis are pro surfing misfits who shy away from the limelight yet somehow collect a paycheck from their sponsors. How? We think it’s their electric surfing and kinetic energy in the ocean or a wave pool.

Joined by Hawaii’s Noah Beschen, the team descended on the BSR Surf Resort this summer to experiment with a bucketful of creative airs, grabs and rotations. There is also another bonus to wave pool surfing.

“One other thing worth noting about the Waco experience,” says RVCA. “The predictable, repeated waves don’t just allow surfers multiple chances to practice crazy new moves, they also allow photographers to visualize creative shots in advance and plan for exactly how they want a frame to look.”

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