Tweaking waves in real time between Siheung-Si and Spain

Industry heavy hitters Aventuur saw their team Ace Buchan, Conner Coffin and Glenn Hall go to Korea to “develop and refine new competition wave settings for Korea’s first WSL Qualifying Series events.” In a departure from dry company investment tripe, aventuur took a cue from surf brands and made an edit for YouTubeLand and other social media.

The result is 11-minutes of digital content that is part surf film and part Wavegarden peek-behind-the-scenes. Pool nerds will dig the real-time back-and-forth breakdown of the wave settings between Siheung-Si and Spain. Of special interest is the new slab barrel setting and, of course, the Korean surf scene.

The new slab barrel was created with real-time calls between Asia and Europe. The crew in Korea would say what they wanted and the engineers in Spain would tweak the settings, then wait for feedback about the waves that came through.

“Experiencing a thriving surf community an hour south of Seoul, with limited access to surfable coastline, was eye-opening,” said Adrian “Ace” Buchan. “To see the positive impact and stoke that surfing had brought all these South Koreans was a real buzz. Conner, Micro and I have so many great memories and moments from working together on Tour, and it was great to reconnect and play a role in shaping the canvas for the next generation, now chasing their own dreams in surf parks.“

Aventuur signed an exclusive deal with Wavegarden for several southern hemisphere territories. Their Perth wave pool is making progress and should open in 2026 with Auckland following shortly behind in late 2026.