Twin Fin Pool Party scratches your surf nerd itch

Noel Salas is the surfboard whisperer. Late to the scene of the inter web’s board review Gestalt, which includes such greats as Shred Show and Benny’s Boardroom, Salas can now claim the top spot with Surf N Show.

Despite a predisposition to scoring his videos with cheese metal, his YouTube channel delivers sound knowledge in an entertaining package without venturing too deep into the weeds on design.

This episode Twin Fin Pool Party came about after testing thrusters at Waco. Noel decided to loosen it up and do a twin-fin-only pool test. In his bag for this trip are several high-performance twinnies (you won’t find fat, fishy designs) from top surfboard brands.

Surfboards Tested

Haydenshapes Twin Fin Prototype 5’5.5″ x 19 x 2 3/8 (25.5L) PU/Poly
Sharpeye Prototype Twin Fin 5’5″ 19 x 2.35 (25.5L) PU/Poly
Rusty Twin Fin 5’5″ x 19.25 x 2.16 (25.5L) EPS/Epoxy
Akila Aipa Twin Fin Prototype 5’6″ x 18 3/4 x 2 7/16 (25.7L) EPS/Epoxy

In this clip, Salas goes the extra mile and talks to the shapers and what they did for each model. The video is pure dopamine for surfboard and wave pool geeks. And for this, we can look past the video game shred guitar soundtrack.

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