UNIT deal with Desert Lakes points to more Southern Shores Utah style developments

UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC, associated with the German headquarters of UNIT, has announced a strategic partnership with Desert Lakes LLC, marking a significant development in its North American expansion efforts. The company said this alliance aims to cater to the distinct markets of the USA, Canada, and Mexico with improved efficiency and services adapted to local needs.

Desert Lakes LLC, the developer behind the Southern Shores Lakes community in Utah, has invested in UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC. This investment strengthens their collaboration and supports UNIT’s objective to increase its presence in North America.

The partnership merges Desert Lakes’ knowledge in artificial lake and leisure real estate development with UNIT’s advanced surf technology, playing a crucial role in UNIT’s growth strategy.

Johannes Degenhardt, the inventor of the UNIT Surf Pool, said the Southern Shores project points to a bright future.

“The success at Southern Shores is a powerful demonstration of what we can achieve together,” said Johannes. “This partnership is a strategic alignment that will bolster our growth objectives in North America.”

Unit southern shores
The Southern Shores project, which includes a 16m wide UNIT Surf Pool, showcases the potential of the collaboration between UNIT and Desert Lakes.

Cody Larkin of Desert Lakes LLC confirmed there will be more projects in the future.

“Our collaboration with UNIT is just the beginning,” said Cody. “We’re looking ahead, and while we can’t share too much right now, we’re confident that our upcoming projects will continue to shape the industry.”

The partnership between UNIT Surf Pool North America LLC and Desert Lakes LLC aims to leverage the benefits of artificial lakes, which include the use of natural water, cost efficiency, and the surfing experience. The collaboration is part of UNIT’s strategy to expand in North America, with the goal of providing a venue that integrates surfing with residential and recreational amenities.

The company said the Desert Lakes LLC flagship project, Southern Shores, demonstrates their commitment to integrating recreation with lifestyle.