Urbnsurf Beast comes out at night for testing

Winter in Melbourne is cold. At night it’s even colder. But given the popularity of Urbnsurf it was the one window Urbnsurf could test out some new wave settings during a short COVID window. The result? Along with gloves and hoods – the average Melbourne night temp dips to 7Celsius (45Farenheit) – surfers were treated with several new faces of the Beast.

“In late June we invited some of our Urbnsurf Melbourne crew, and friends to help us dial up some new variants of our biggest turns wave (T6) and our family of Beast Mode barrel settings.”

In the clip by Zac Loveless and Dan Scott, surfers Lakey Peterson, Brad Gerlach, Mia Huppatz and Harry Mann move through some ethereal backlit barrels as the stock aqua blue water of Urbnsurf gets swapped for a creepy greenish cooler.

The company said they are constantly working to develop new settings and refine their favorites.

“The sessions are usually conducted late at night or early in the morning. Our wave testing sessions are a rare, but always-exciting treat.”

URBNSURF Melbourne | Winter Wave Testing from URBNSURF on Vimeo.

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