COVID Clips: Urbnsurf tempts with expert setting video

Coronavirus restrictions are still in place in the Australian state of Victoria. Consequently, Urbnsurf Melbourne remains closed.

“We’ve been reviewing the new roadmap toward COVID Normal with government authorities and industry bodies, and will be issuing an update soon,” said Urbnsurf.

The company added that they appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and that they’ll be back “pumping perfect waves” as soon as possible. On that note, Urbnsurf released a new YouTube clip of average and above-average-surfers taking on their Expert settings at the wave pool.

“Launched (briefly) in June, our Expert Sessions feature three variations of our infamous Beast Mode, including Beast Plus when it’s blowing offshore.,” said the surf park. “Expect more Expert Sessions on our wave menu when Urbnsurf re-opens this Spring – so get your quiver ready, because there’s light at the end of the lockdown tunnel.”

Urbnsurf added that these sessions feature just 12 surfers in the water at a time and each rider can expect roughly 18 barrels per hour.