Urbnsurf puts The Beast on a leash, announces intermediate waves & pricing

After shocking the world with the heaviest Wavegarden Cove barrels to date, Urbnsurf hit the family button and reeled in The Beast, their now-famous slab setting. In this latest edit and pricing info the crew show off the Melbourne facility’s ability to accommodate everyone from the retro-hip set to frothy groms on down to families simply having a day out.

“We’ve released our new video ‘Surfing for Everyone’ showcasing our range of beginner and intermediate waves that will be available along with our advanced and experimental expert settings (The Beast and The Ramp),” said Rupert Partridge of Urbnsurf. “We worked closely with Wavegarden’s dream-team to create a range of advanced and expert waves, but we were equally stoked to develop our beginner and intermediate waves to help everyone.”

Urbnsurf touted their Waikiki-style settings, which generate gentle, rolling whitewater waves from The Point through to The Bays. They said these wave settings are designed to get new surfers comfortable in the water, find their feet on a softboard, and learn to pop-up and get riding.

tandem surfing at urbnsurf
Tandem surfing at urbnsurf on a softop is a thing now. Image by Adam Gibson

A notch above is the Malibu-style wave settings, which generate bigger, greenwater waves in The Point (reforming into whitewater in The Bays). This setting is designed for confident beginners who want to practice popping-up, trimming, and doing basic turns. Malibu-style is also good for intermediates who want to carve on longboards, softboards, fishes and other craft while surfing with friends and family.

“Together with our entry-level Giros (or ‘turns’) waves, our Malibu-style wave settings will feature in our intermediate surf sessions, held at The Point,” added Partridge.

Urbnsurf announced that pricing for the one-hour intermediate sessions would run $69 for adults and $59 for kids during the week ($79-$69 on weekends).

Each surfer can expect 10-12 waves per session when Urbnsurf is fully booked, but should they hit it on an off-day, they will most likely get more waves.

Aqua Memberships allow 25 intermediate surf sessions per year and run $117 per month.

The company’s Gold Memberships are for advanced surf sessions and sell at $259 per month for 50 sessions during the year. Full details available at Urbnsurf Memberships link here.

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