URBNSURF & Surfing Vic announce 5-year partnership

URBNSURF and the state’s primary surfing organization, Surfing Victoria, have renewed their collaboration with a five-year agreement to support the development of surfing.

“This partnership supports programs that build foundational skills, while also extending surfers at an advanced level. The world-first and prestigious Surfing Victoria High-Performance Program, together with our facilities, provide unparalleled support and resources for surfers at every stage of their journey,” said Damon, CEO of URBNSURF.

The renewed partnership has resulted in a comprehensive lesson and pathway program that aims to enhance coaching across the nation’s surf parks and potentially set a precedent for global venues.

Surfing Victoria has played a key role in the development of URBNSURF’s academy, which has been a driving force in the evolution of coaching within the facility. The academy’s lesson plan now includes a diverse range of offerings, such as in-water surf lessons, surf skate lessons, and video analysis.

URBNSURF Academy has introduced an automated video service, allowing users to access coaching digitally, complemented by Surf Better Now, an external video coaching tool provided by Surfing Victoria. These services are designed to improve the learning experience and set new coaching standards.

URBNSURF continues to support the Surfing Victoria High-Performance program by granting continued access to its lagoon. This has led to notable achievements for local athletes, with juniors making an impact internationally and Xavier Huxtable winning a World Surf League Regional Qualifying event in a wave pool.

Furthermore, URBNSURF has designated Surfing Victoria as the preferred event management provider for its Melbourne events, reflecting the trust and strength of their partnership.

Both URBNSURF and Surfing Victoria are enthusiastic about the opportunities this partnership will bring to surf coaching and high-performance surfing, viewing the collaboration as a shared commitment to the sport’s future.