Urbnsurf Updates: Melbourne ready to turn on the taps

In a busy wave pool week that included a huge media push by The Wave and new maxed-out footage of Surf Lakes, Urbnsurf announced via Instagram they are ready to fill the pond.

“We’re stoked to announce that we’re just a few weeks away from turning on the big taps, and filling up our next-generation surfing lagoon,” said Founder Andrew Ross. “We’ve been a little delayed the past few months due to rain – but our wave generator, Roary, has been fully installed and dry commissioning has been completed, and the surfacing of our lagoon floor is almost finished.”

The Urbnsurf project uses Wavegarden’s Cove technology. The Cove facility at Wavegarden’s R&D lab in the Basque Country of Span is roughly one-fifth the size of the wave pool in Melbourne.

At the beginning of this year Urbnsurf announced an Easter launch date but got delayed. The company has not released an official explanation for the cause but considering that this is the world’s first full-scale Wavegarden Cove (yes, it’s massive) there are bound to be hiccups.

“We’re excited to have First Waves pumping soon, and to welcome our first guests to Urbnsurf Melbourne later this year,” continued Ross. “More information about our products, pricing, opening dates, and who gets to #surfitfirst, is coming soon.”

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