This clip makes us bite our nails even harder waiting for the lockdown to lift

Will the COVID-19 lockdown become just a blip in our collective memory of things-we-did-at-one-time like hours on MySpace, programming our VCRs or digging out a nuclear bomb shelter? We hope so. In the pursuit of putting COVID-19 behind us, Urbnsurf and FCS launched a “life before the lockdown” wave pool clip featuring star players. Sally Fitz, Julian Wilson, Isabella Nichols and Harley Ingleby.

“Right before the world shut down our FCS team had the chance to travel down to Melbourne’s Urbnsurf wave park to sample some of the perfection on offer,” says FCS. “With the waves serving up anything from multiple turns to heaving barrel sections it quickly turned into one of the funnest sessions had by all.”

Let’s hope Coronavirus goes the way of bungee cord surf leashes and never returns. Until then, let’s all do our part and simply mind surf one of the world’s best wave pools.

Urbnsurf COVID-19 Update:

“Our plan was to re-open on Friday, 1 May 2020, however we have made the decision to extend our temporary closure until we receive further advice from the relevant authorities. As the situation develops, we’ll keep you updated on further developments via this page, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.”

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