Value of the learner set recognized in Bristol

Action at The Wave in Bristol has been humming along since they reopened on August 1 this year. Now, as we move into Autumn, Europe’s first commercial Cove is launching two new sessions to its already full menu of surf options.

The first is an hour-long non-coached beginner session. The idea is that learners can practice their skills freely without interruptions. The sessions happen in the bay section of the Cove, where the whitewater rolls through.

“You can practise your skills, including paddling, catching waves, perfecting your pop-ups and working on your balance,” said The Wave. “They (the sessions) are a great way to go solo and build confidence in the white water. You are also able to bodyboard on these sessions too.

The Wave also announced Improving Surfers sessions which run using Wavegarden’s Waikiki setting.

“Like their Hawaiian name-sake, they offer a gentle experience that is particularly great if you are looking to progress from the white water in the bay area of the lake, to catch your first green, unbroken wave.”

The Wave said the gentle rollers are perfect for improvers, but also good for more experienced surfers wanting to have a relaxed surf, or for groups of mixed surfing ability.

The Wave now offers six types of session: Beginner, Waikiki, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Plus and Expert.

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