Wave menu, pricing, opening date announced for Melbourne

Urbnsurf released much-anticipated footage of their Melbourne facility today along with pricing information and a peek at the wave menu on tap when the park opens to the public January 2020.

Last week the company aired a clip of empty waves rolling through for the first time, and while the waves looked thick and barreling, it wasn’t until seeing it ridden by a select group of pros that gave the surf some perspective. The big takeaway from this clip is what appears to be the thickest waves to date in a pool.

Taj Burrow at Urbnsurf
Taj Burrow up close with the Beast setting at Urbnsurf Melbourne. Photo by Urbnsurf/Stu Gibson

“The Beast is the kind of slabbing, sidewinding barrel that you’d wait six months to score, but usually with 100-plus of your closest mates,” said Andrew Ross of Urbnsurf. “While the take-off is still steep, it allows you to do a setup turn before you pull in to a deep, thick tube, and there’s a section after for a final turn or air.”

Footage of the wave shows a Snapper-esque double up right threaded by Nikki Van Dijk and Taj Burrow while the left gets stylized treatment from Luke Hynd. But there are several other settings in play.

“We’re still in testing mode, and developing our wave menu for session and lessons, but the results speak for themselves,” said Urbnsurf’s Andrew Ross. “Two expert waves, a slab and an air wave – It’s still early days, but we’re stoked with how they’re developing, and we’ve enlisted some of Australia’s best surfers to help us refine them.”

Xavier Huxtabl
Xavier Huxtable enjoys a lighter, more playful setting at Urbnsurf. Photo by Adam Gibson

“In the empty waves clip we released a few weeks ago, you would have seen glimpses of Giros I and II (the first two of our turns waves,” added Ross. “As well as our smallest Malibu wave designed for beginners, and Tubos I, one of our advanced tube settings.”

Urbnsurf confirmed there are 18 wave types now being put through their paces, with the crowd favorites for intermediate-to-advanced surfers being the pointbreak and Trestles-style ‘turns-waves’ named Giros III to IV along with the bigger, longer barrel settings dubbed Tubos II to V.

“We’ve also developed three further Malibu waves, and two Waikiki-style peaks, that are loved by kids and adults who are just starting their surfing journey,” said Ross. “We’re stoked that we’ll be able to cater to surfers of all ages and abilities.”

The other wave visible in the clip is The Ramp, an air-wave that Urbnsurf is fine-tuning with input from Dion Agius. “It has the potential to be amazing,” said Agius. “We just need to refine a couple of details.”

Xavier Huxtable Adam Gibson
One of the coolest things about Wavegarden Cove is how close you can get to the surf, Xavier Huxtable. Photo Adam Gibson


How much will it cost to surf at Urbnsurf? The pay-as-you-go sessions will run $79 per hour, while a multi-pack with extra perks works out to $62 per session.

Surfers can buy into a Gold Membership for $3100 which gives them four sessions per month plus a bonus of two sessions. The Foundation Membership offers more perks including a December half-day session before the park opens to the public, discounts on additional sessions and selected schwag. The park will be announcing other membership multi-packs in the coming weeks.

“To be transparent, we’re still working through water safety and lagoon logistics, so we can’t confirm exact details around which wave types will be available what sessions – just yet,” added Ross. “For our Foundation Members, you’ll be in the inner circle as we lock these details in.”

Kai Otton at Urbn Surf
Kai Otton explores the left version of the Beast setting. Photo Urbnsurf/Ted Grambeau

Can you get in early?

Before the wave pool officially opens in January, Urbnsurf will host several sessions for supporters, locals and test pilots.

“Yesterday, we sent out the double passes to the Victorian surfers from Melbourne, the Surf Coast, the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island, who took the time last year to participate in our online focus groups about URBNSURF Melbourne,” said Ross.

“We also announced the first 20 Test Pilots and invited them to enjoy an exclusive half-day surf session and behind-the-scenes tour in December 2019.”