Why your surfing matters: WPM airs #SurfersLikeUs campaign

There’s a myth perpetuated in digital surf media. It is the illusion that every wave that is surfed, is ripped and shredded by its rider. That’s all we see on Instagram. However, 95% of surf sessions are a wonderful symphony of bogged rails, blown turns and lip clips buoyed by fleeting moments of personal best. It’s these floating highs that we celebrate in the WavePoolMag #SurfersLikeUs posts.

Why? We’re not entirely sure. We do know that we’re supposed to be selling the dream, locking in the pros’ connection with consumers. But the dream is not reality. So let’s get real. Right now. Let’s be bold. Let’s be as bold as Andy Ainscough risking it all to transform an abandoned aluminum mine into the world’s first dedicated public surf park.

This is your moment on Instagram. We are celebrating YOU dear reader and those little accomplishments that mean everything. Your best turn, that little hair-rinse barrel – it doesn’t matter. We want to bask in your moment of glory. We are about wave pools. And wave pools are for everyone.

wave pool photography
Celebrating Surfers Like Us! Photos by Image Cabin, Rob Henson Surf Shots and SurfChimp Melbourne

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