Wave Pool Artists: Felipe Iervolino stokes the fires of imagination

For most of us, the fascination with wave pools started because we want to surf more. This desire, fuelled by the frustrations that come with onshore winds and extended flat spells, touches each surfer differently. Some, like Aaron Trevis, are pushed to design a wave pool. Others choose to plant themselves firmly in the fantasy wave pool world that comes with art.

Wave pool art is a thing now. Artists like Philip Roberts, James Biling and Drew Brophy dedicate large swaths of their waking life to bringing the fantasy to life visually. Our latest wave pool artist discovery is Felipe Iervolino from Sau Paulo, whose fantastical creations are fuelled by the simple, yet life-altering desire to go surfing that we all share.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Felipe
My full name is Felipe Iervolino. I was born in Brazil in São Paulo where I live and work. I have 31 years of advertising, design and illustration experience, and I am totally passionate about nature and the ocean. I’ve always expressed this love in my notebooks. And this is where I celebrate my hobby, surfing and my professional work.

Where is your local spot?
I like to travel and discover different waves, but mostly I surf on the coast of São Paulo.

What do wave pools mean to you?
Wave pool waves are, to me, something innovative like a childhood dream, something that is now becoming a reality. Today with so many pools opening, and most with good waves and perfect tubes, it does seem like a dream.

What’s your favorite wave pool?
I haven’t had the opportunity to surf in a wave pool yet, but I live it through my art, the surreal idea of wave pool surfing. This imaginative land is also where I see an incredible evolution for the generation of surfers to come.

You can follow and check out more Felipe’s work on Instagram at @flp.draw