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Wave pool guide details 100+ projects with innovative App and expanded map page

The WavePoolMag app for iOS devices is available free of charge at the App Store.

WavePoolMag announced a reboot and several functional updates to their ever-popular Surf Planner page and iPhone app which allows users to discover the latest proposed, planned, and open-for-business wave pools from around the world – for free!

Powered by the WavePoolMag Surf Planner, the rebooted app includes new icons with deep dives and detailed information on surf parks around the globe. The user interface now includes three-tiered icons that simply show if a project is completed, in construction, or still just a pipe dream. Symbols let users know if the wave tank is a stand-alone surf destination, part of an exclusive resort or an add-on to a waterpark.

New additions include icons illustrating which technology company is powering the surf – legendary providers like Endless Surf, Surf Loch, Wavegarden, SwellMFG, PerfectSwell and many others.

wave pool guide WPmag updated surf planner
The new updated Surf Planner on WavePoolMag provides more detail than ever on the world’s wave pool projects

Discover the information you want when you want. Get a glimpse of what each surf basin has to offer and find exactly what you desire: beginner, advanced, pro-mode settings, lessons, photographers, surf shops, private pools, and more.

iOS users (with Android coming soon) can scroll the world in map view or list view, pulling up detailed information on each spot without interruption from advertisements. You’ll also find special notes and insights provided by our global crew of wave poolers.

Modeled after our Surf Planner page, WavePoolMag worked with the interactive map and app building platform Nown to make a program that’s fun, unique and super informative. Thanks to a new CMS that seamlessly relays information between the website and the app, information is now uploaded and displayed across both the website and the app instantaneously.

Wave pool guide app
The rebooted WavePoolMag app provides more detail than ever on the world’s wave pool projects.

“The app is a way to access information on the world’s wave pools via your iPhone or iPad while connecting with others and sharing insights, things you can’t do on the WavePoolMag website,” said Bryan Dickerson Editor-in-Chief at WavePoolMag. “We’ve updated the icons on the WavePoolMag Surf Planner webpage as well, one of the most popular pages on our site.”    

As a former pro surfer, Nown Founder Sarah Beardmore saw the potential in the WavePoolMag Surf Planner page and thought it’d make a great app.

“We’re really stoked to be working with WavePoolMag to create such a useful and unique product,” said Beardmore. “Nown is proud to bring the latest wave pool information to a curious public. I have been a big fan of their Surf Planner for some time to keep updated on all the wave pool developments around the world. I love the fact that anyone can now go straight to the source for timely updates while supporting the digital wave pool community.”

wave pool guide
The WavePoolMag app is available for FREE in the App Store

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