Wave pool investments – where basketball teams up with surfing

Aventuur has been busy lately. The company is continuing to ramp up interest in their efforts of creating integrated surf, leisure and wellbeing destinations. In 2021, they welcomed Glenn Micro Hall and Sir John Kirwan to boost visibility and refine their offerings. The following year, 2022, saw the addition of World Tour standout Ace Buchan.

Recently, celebrity investors Patty Mills, Molly Picklum, and Connor Coffin have joined as Aventuur expands into markets across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Fiji.

“We’re delighted to welcome Patty, Molly and Conner to the Aventuur family,” said Aventuur’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nicholas Edelman. “Having spent time with the athletes, they each bring a unique perspective on surf, and share our vision to deliver authentic sporting infrastructure that can have a meaningful social impact – including increasing female participation in the lineup, providing access for landlocked communities, and developing Indigenous athlete pathways.”

Patty Mills preps for the Tokyo Olympics

NBA star, Olympic flagbearer, and Bronze medal basketballer Patty Mills shared his reasons for investing.

“Their commitment to not only excellence in innovation, but also to creating a positive social impact, aligns with my core beliefs,” said Patty. “Investing in Aventuur is a chance for me to contribute to a company that isn’t just leading the way in using surfing as a tool to improve physical and mental wellbeing, but also one that is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in communities across the globe.”

CT standout Molly Picklum expressed her enthusiasm for increasing the sport’s appeal.

“I hope I can encourage more young people to try surfing, especially girls,” said Molly. “It’s a sport and lifestyle that offers so many benefits to improving physical and mental health. I can’t wait to try Aventuur’s surf parks in Perth and Auckland, and see the positive impact they have on local communities.”

Aventuur is working with stakeholders, community groups, sports organizations, and charities in North America and Asia-Pacific to make surfing more accessible. The company’s sites, featuring 5.5-acre Wavegarden Cove lagoons, will also offer surf academies, fitness and recovery studios, skate parks, and other training facilities to foster skill development and progression.

The company is developing projects in Perth, Australia, expected to open in Summer 2025/2026, and Auckland, New Zealand, anticipated for Summer 2026/2027. Furthermore, it has announced plans to extend its surfing, leisure, and wellbeing destinations to 11 North American markets.