London added to growing list of wave pool cities

The Wave Bristol confirms plans for new wave pool London project

There could be two wave pools in London. Hot on the heels of Surf Lakes’ listing of new locations that included London, The Wave Bristol announced plans to open a Wavegarden Cove facility in the English capital.

“We have some exciting news to share with you,” the Wave Bristol said in a statement. “Plans are afoot for The Wave to come to London. Today we’re able to tell you that we’re partnering with Lee Valley Regional Park Authority to develop a planning application for one of our world-class surfing destinations in the heart of London.

What technology?

With this latest announcement, Wavegarden’s Cove technology is set to open at no less than 22 locations in the next two years. The confirmation of London by the crew behind The Wave Bristol project shows a healthy commitment to the Cove. It also demonstrates commercial wave pools as an option for urban renewal.

proposed london wave pool

“The Wave London project will help to reinvigorate the land next to to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton, North London,” the company added. “And encourage more people to get outside in nature, get active and, most important, get surfing.”

What will it cost?

The £40m project will occupy 100 acres of land in Lee Valley Regional Park and is being designed “to allow people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at surfing. Whether it’s a child stepping on a board for the first time, or a pro-surfer training for the Olympics.”

The plans are still in the early stages and must clear some posts. Extensive, detailed site analysis and approval from the local community is next. After those hurdles, The Wave will put forth a planning application.

We here at WavePoolMag wish them well. We’d love to see London become a surfing destination.

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