Wave pool tech company SwellSpot announces licensing program launch

Virginia-based Swellspot announced the official launch of their licensing program today. The company claims their wave pool technology can deliver up to 300 swells per hour and that the waves are computer controlled through software with size, shape, frequency and direction all adjustable.

“Waves are produced by a mechanical modular system that uses hydraulic motor power to mimic the velocity profile and circular particle motion of ocean surf,” said founder Walter Bennett. “You may have 10 similar waves, but each with some variation. Waves can be as frequent as one every 12 seconds. Waves vary from 3 feet to 6 feet in height. Multiple breaks are created on the same wave (through reefs and bathymetry) in order to increase the number of surfers in the surf lake at any one time.”

Costs for a wave pool start as low as $1.8million with additional $1.25 million for supporting infrastructure. Operating costs are estimated to be US $600,000 per year. Bennet stated their company will even finance part of the build.

First appearing in a few artist renderings for in-the-works-projects, this system could become a major player in artificial wave generation, mostly due to its low price point. However, to date there is no verified prototype facility for scale and proof-of-concept for Swellspot, just the main image you see in this article.

“We are accepting Licensee Applications to help select the best qualified Licensees for our technology,” said Bennett. “We offer a patented wave-generation technology that creates great waves, but at a fraction of the cost of other available wave technologies. We provide a license to use our technology as well as all of the technical expertise to build a surf project. However, you contract directly with local contractors of your choosing to build the project.”

Below is a list of the different licensing offers as they appear on the Swellspot website:

•   Residential - Single. Ever thought about having a surf park in your backyard? With our technology you can have a 75 yard ride in your backyard that takes up about 1 acre. This product is geared towards residential real estate developers that can buy 3-5 acre estates and convert them into a tropical surf retreat anywhere in the world. 

•   Residential - Community. For years, real estate developers have built golf courses and then built homes around the golf course to create substantial value. Now you can do the same thing with a surf park. Build the surf park and then sell lots or completed homes surrounding the surf park to create a private or semi-private surf community. Wave pool can be sized to fit the needs of the surf community.

•   Surf Park - Standalone. There is an unlimited number of configurations and business models that can be used to develop a commercial surf park. Typical size would be 8-10 acre properties that can accommodate several thousand visitors per day for surfing, beach activities, retail, and food & beverage. Similar to a water park or amusement park, but focused on surfing and body boarding.

•   Surf Park - Amusement. Adding a surf park to an existing water park or amusement park can add substantial revenues to your current business. Surf Parks can be scaled to any size needed depending on budget and attendance goals. 

•   Surf Park - Resort. There is a large opportunity to create a new resort or expand an existing resort to include a surf park. You can make your own Destination Resort by adding a surf park to your resort.