BSR, Kelly’s and Big Surf tour with YouTuber Ben Gravy

We live in wonderful times. It’s a time when YouTubers can earn six figures dolling out makeup tips. It’s a time when a grown man in his parents’ basement makes bank for detailing his video game exploits. It’s a time when one of surfing’s favorite YouTubers Ben Gravy earns advertising coin to go surf wave pools.

What does he do exactly? He takes the world into his sessions at novelty waves across the globe. Ferry boat waves, frozen slush waves, and typically the rip rap inlets of New Jersey. He also loves wave pools.

He has a catchphrase “Fully Nuking” has found its way onto shirts, hats and artisan blends of coffee. He has partnerships with CatchSurf, Hyperflex and a few other brands. Why?

His vlogs are addicting. Maybe it’s his messaging of “Do this for the dream.” Maybe it’s his caffeinated stoke for the even the most meager of waves. Maybe it’s his rhetorical shouts of “Are You Kidding Me?!” in response to knee-high dribblers. Whatever it is, we’re glad he’s doing it. Because Ben Gravy makes any wave look fun.

In this latest Ben Gravy Round Up we follow the New Jersey local to Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool, Big Surf in Arizona and the BSR Surf Ranch.

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