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Discover the process behind Waco Surf’s water treatment

Behind the veil of every wave you ride in a pool, there is a team that dedicates its time to making sure that magic happens. Michael Holder is one of those people – a wave basin Swiss army knife who knows everything there is to know about keeping the wave pool at Waco Surf running and in tip-top shape. Holder has been working here for nearly seven years, starting as a lifeguard/park ambassador and working his way up to his current role as the Facilities and Maintenance Director. You might say it’s a dream job to spend your days working alongside pumping surf, but as with any job, it presents its own unique set of challenges and difficulties. Regardless, it’s all worth it to Michael when he sees the stoke on a surfer’s face after a session. We caught up with the Waco native and wave tank maintenance expert to […]

water quality at waco surf



Blair Conklin sessions Hawaiian wave pool

Blair Conklin sits comfortably on our top list of surfers. He was one of the first to explore Waco on a skimboard and all manner of craft including a bodyboard and a foamie. In this clip he’s feelin it and getting creative – he even launches an RC surfer at one point. The frothy regular foot from Southern California takes his variety of surf craft to Wai Kai to session city wave’s new 100-foot-wide deepwater standing wave.

blair conklin ollie at wave pool

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