Trio of clips spotlight commitment to surfing after dark

Wavegarden’s romance with night surfing has kindled warmly since the company’s inception all those years back. In the original Lagoon design – which was ultimately deployed at NLand in Austin and Snowdonia in Wales – the company woke the world to the fact that wave pool surfing can be 24 hours.

Their first night clip in 2015 featured talent from the Basque Country and France ripping the diminutive Lagoon peelers set to a backdrop of intense colors.

Later when the Cove technology emerged Wavegarden when full party mode with a clip featuring Leo Fioravanti and friends enjoying a warm summer night.

Then, just this week a file came through with Aussie pros Conner O’Leary, Stuey Kennedy, Mitch Crews and Jackson Baker. “Floodlights lit up the Wavegarden Cove like a sports arena, allowing the Australians to surf and train from sunset to late into the night, a feat not easy to achieve in the ocean,” said Wavegarden.

While the company maintains that the principal purpose of the clips is t to test and refine levels of luminosity, orientation and glare in the wave pool. We’re happy to see some new footage from the Basque Country.

Both new wave pools in Bristol and Melbourne will have lighting for night surfing.

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