WavePoolMag Adds Rapid Wave Pools to Global Surf Tank Guide

We are stoked to add the world’s rapid wave pools to our company’s Surf Planner page. The expansion comes with WavePoolMag’s expanding coverage of the standing wave market.

Surf Planner on Pulldown map
Where to find the Surf Planner on WavePoolMag’s menu

As surfing enters a global growth phase in the Olympic era, we can expect all forms of the sport to rise with the tide. But not everyone has access to the ocean 24/7. As with traveling wave pools, rapid surf tanks have the power to bring surfing to landlocked areas that don’t have surfable waves. For those already stoked, rapid wave surfing provides an exhilarating complement to traveling wave pools.

The expansion means WavePoolMag’s Surf Planner offers more information than ever before. Instead of the platform’s classic three-wave lines logo, rapid wave pool locations are marked with a simple, clean, single-wave logo. 

Last year WavePoolMag upgraded the map to include three-tiered icons that show if a project is completed, in construction, or still just a pipe dream. Additional symbols let users know if the wave tank is a stand-alone surf destination, part of an exclusive resort or an add-on to a waterpark. Audiences can also get a glimpse of what each surf basin has to offer and find exactly what they want: lessons, photographers, surf shops, food & drink options, lockers and much more.

surf planner icons

The Surf Planner web feature is also available with WavePoolMag’s app. Users can now scroll the world in map view or list view, pulling up detailed information on each rapid wave pool spot without interruption from advertisements.  

“The is a great way to access information on the world’s rapid wave pools,” said  Bryan Dickerson Editor-in-Chief at WavePoolMag. “The wave pool community can  now discover prices, hours, wave technology, food options and much more for each  rapid wave pool – just like they can for traveling waves.” 

Viewers can also find special notes and insights provided by the site’s global crew of wave poolers. You can check out the web version of WavePoolMag’s Surf Planner here.

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