WavePoolMag launches deep-dive live Friday Sessions

Over the past five years, WavePoolMag has cemented its reputation as the leading online resource for in-depth wave pool knowledge. To capture the complexity of topics that can’t be fully explored in a single feature, we’re excited to expand our content. Starting in January 2024, we invite you to join us for Friday Sessions, a curated series of online roundtable discussions. These sessions feature the brightest minds and true innovators in the wave pool industry—individuals who are not just thinkers but doers with a wealth of experience. Together, we’ll delve into the expansive and nuanced aspects of surf parks, including culture, technology, dining, operations, wave settings, branding, and the myriad of challenges that wave pool projects encounter. Join us to gain unparalleled insights from the experts who are shaping the future of surf park experiences.

How it works:
– Each episode features 2-to-3 thought leaders in the space.
– Guests are selected for their deep knowledge on a specific wave pool topic.
– Friday Sessions are broadcast on Zoom, last 60 minutes and include a live Q&A.
– Anyone interested can drop into a Friday Session via IPhone, Android or web browser.
– Missed one? Each Friday Session will be uploaded to our YouTube channel one week after closing.

Here are a few of the topics we will be diving into:

  • Beginner waves and their value to surf parks
  • Seasonality and how to keep busy in the off season
  • Managing a wave pool, really, how hard could it be?
  • Standing waves and their value to the surf park space
  • Seasonal hiring challenges and working at a wave pool
  • What could possibly go wrong? Tales of worry and woe
  • Powering your park with alternative energy models
  • Matching the best technology for a project
  • Best surf park hiring practices

WavePoolMag continues to document this fascinating confluence of surfing and the amusement industry. You can learn more about the space through the WavePoolMag Podcasts and our online wave pool project map as well as through our social channels.