WavePoolMag Photographer Series: Simply “Roo”

While you’d be forgiven if you confused today’s Instagram with Tic Tok. Insta was once a fertile ground for photographers to show their work, but with each 15-second choreographed Tik Tok dance, we move further away from a platform once dominated by stills. Recently we scrolled through a few beautiful images of The Wave in Bristol and thought, “hey, amazing images and NO dancing influencers or cats!” Flush with nostalgia for Old School Instagram, we reached out to the photographer, who goes by the name of Roo, to explore their relationship with photos and find out more.

What is Your Photography Background?

Purely just a hobby where I try as best I can to capture the moments that all too often go missed with an aim to try and give people a visual of a feeling or situation they may have been in. It’s a reminder of sessions and fun times and to capture the wild and beautiful sides of the ocean as best I can.

What Setup Do You Use to Take Photos?

I have been taking pictures for a few years now I don’t have any fancy kit or editing software as I prefer to leave things as they are mostly just changing from colour to black and white. And only if it gives a more impactful result. But generally, I like to find the shots that do the explanation themselves without any fakery included. That’s done by using a kit that’s super outdated by this point but the fun and challenge is trying to find the shot and capture a moment as best I can.

Roo shoots with an old kit but likes to bake things post-production. The result can more stark and grating than an unprocessed image.

What’s the Vibe at a Wave Pool Versus the Vibe in the Ocean?

The vibe at The Wave Bristol was overall very good – super friendly staff and a great setup. I can see it being quite intimidating for newbies, but at the same time, the staff all seemed super stoked for everyone, and everyone I met and spoke to had overall positive things to say about the whole setup. Compared to an ocean set up it was all super easy and obviously very controlled but perhaps a little sterile and business-like at points. But it’s an amazing tool to introduce people to the sport. The Ocean will always win with its wildness and unpredictable nature and the way searching and seeking out hidden places and unridden waves and secret spots and the joy of finding the perfect peak but The Wave certainly has a place making all the exploration and searching too for sure.

What’s the Best and Worst Thing About Shooting at The Wave?

The best part would be the ease of access being able to shoot from the central pier and change sides easily at any point getting up close while still being dry and even able to have a coffee at the same time. I would say the only real downside is that nowhere is there a place to get true water angle from and also the predictable nature of the waves can get a little same-same after a few sessions of shooting.

Roo couldn’t get in the water to shoot at The Wave. But this ocean POV tube gives us a glimpse at the possibilities of a Bristol shoot.

You Caption a Lot of Your Images With Poems. What’s That About?

I started doing this for a few posts and pictures as sometimes the words just come as soon as the picture is realized. I like to try and add depth to a picture with a description or few words whenever I can as I think it helps those perhaps involved to get a more vivid memory and to perhaps think a little deeper about an image. There are millions of people all doing the same sort of thing so it is always nice to try something a little different too.

Share With Us Something Most People Don’t Know About You

Had a life plagued with injuries including pretty much all my bones broken and fractured vertebrae but always keep on pushing and trying new things. And having developed CFS (chronic fatigue) I find things hard from day to day but surfing, searching and taking pictures always keeps me going as no matter how tired or broken I feel, the ocean always calls and I must always go.

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