Webber Wave Pools’ US licensee plans surf spot for Coral Springs Florida

Coral Springs Florida unveiled plans for a new wave pool today. The move comes just one week after American Surf Parks pinned Fort Pierce as the latest site of a full-size Wavegarden Cove.

City officials are backing the project hoping to expand the area’s recreational draw while creating a space for the area’s youth.

Located just inland of Pompano Beach Florida, Coral Springs juts up against the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area. The wave pool is planned for Royal Palm Boulevard near Sawgrass Expressway next to an existing aquatic complex.

Webber’s signature circular surf track design

The developers behind the surf park are Ocean Sports Development. Chairman Anthony Brown told local media outlet TapInto.net that the technology to power the park will produce 500 waves per hour.

Ocean Sports Development is the US holder of the Webber Wave Pool technology. Their website features many of the Webber images we’ve come to know and love for the past few years.

Greg Webber confirmed to us via email that the park would use Webber Wave Pool technology.

“Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!” says Webber. “And yes it’s a single channel linear pool that goes up and back. About a 25-second ride at head high and they are planning on making 2.25 waves. About 120 waves an hour with one hull and nearer to 180 with two hulls. The plan is for this smaller non-looped design for the colleges and training and the full scale looped linear for larger-scale developments next to existing hotels. What’s great is that it will still allow for customized waves and they want to use the current control system too.”

The surf park proposal submitted to the city of Coral Springs shows a different design from Webber’s traditional looped linear technology. Webber confirmed that the project will be using his technology

As it stands now, the project has a green light to enter formal discussions between developers and city officials. Along with a boost in local tax revenue, Coral Springs is attracted to the idea of putting itself on the map in the expanding world of wave pools.

Digging on the site could begin as early as 2021. More on Webber Wave Pools here.

Greg Webber’s two-hulled system