When is Las Vegas getting a wave pool? Could be sooner than you think

Ask investors and surf park pundits to furnish a top ten list of places where a wave pool would flourish, and Vegas would make each list. While Europe cozies up in hooded full suits, gloves and booties during the dead of winter, Americans want nothing to do with the added rubber. Wave pools either shut down for the two coldest months, as is the case at BSR Surf Resort, move the whole thing indoors (American Dream, New Jersey) or pursue warmer climes. That means the desert.

Arizona, home to America’s first surf park, Big Surf, has two surf pools currently in the works while east California has four desert wave parks on tap. The next logical destination for a surfing oasis is Las Vegas.

Surf Lakes had been hinting at something big in the desert and today CEO Reuben Buchanan posted on Instagram an artists’ mockup for the new Surf Lakes wave pool.

The group behind the project is named LVSL (Las Vegas Surf Lakes) who have recently launched a dedicated website and social media channels

LVSL describes itself as a wave-healing, earth-art-wave-sanctuary, wave pool, wave casino, spa and super beach club. Developers are raising funding right now, seeking donations at the $100 (Gold) and $1000 (Platinum) level. The contributions support the project and secure for the donor future surf sessions, customized schwag, VIP surf experiences and more.

Las Vegas has one active wave pool project in the works already, although news has been quiet from that development group lately.

640,000 people call The Entertainment Capital of the World home. But it’s the estimated 40 million visitors each year who support the world-famous casinos, clubs, shows and, soon, a wave pool.

The Surf Lakes prototype in Yeppoon Queensland is working to become a public-facing surf pool. Surf Lakes now offers two sizes for different development targets and budgets. Surf Lakes Standard has a smaller footprint and is designed for the beginner to intermediate markets. Surf Lakes XL is meant to be a premium surf destination or resort appealing to all skill levels.

For more on this project check the video embed below. Stay tuned for more as it develops.