Where will the next Urbnsurf be?

Urbnsurf announced today that it has welcomed more than 100,000 guests in 2020 despite only being open for six months of the year due to COVID-19. The park opened on January 6th, then closed twice before re-opening in mid-October, and is now experiencing strong demand in the lead up to the New Year.

“Despite a challenging 2020, we’re thrilled to have welcomed over 100,000 guests this year to experience Urbnsurf Melbourne,” the company said in a statement. “In the face of a global pandemic, our loyal members, guests and the Victorian surfing community have backed us every step of the way, and we’re incredibly thankful for their support.”

Building on its Melbourne success, Urbnsurf is now focusing on delivering its next project, Urbnsurf Sydney, to be located at Sydney Olympic Park. The company has signed an agreement to acquire its second Wavegarden Cove and will collaborate with the Basque-based technology company to deliver a surfing lagoon at Sydney’s home of Olympic sport.

Urbnsurf is also progressing two new projects in Brisbane and Perth. Having identified key sites in prime locations, the company is now engaging with development partners and technology providers to deliver world-class surf parks in Queensland and Western Australia.

“We’re excited by the prospect of commencing construction on Urbnsurf Sydney in 2021, and to have perfect, endless waves pumping at Sydney Olympic Park by Summer 2022/2023,” said Urbnsurf CEO Damon Tudor.