Television: Tour every surf-able wave pool on planet earth

What do the world’s wave pools look like from space? Take a tour of every surf-able pool in the world. With help of Google Earth and terabytes of stock footage, we circumnavigated a virtual globe and looped each shreddy wave tub together in this special edit.

While this clip allows you a peek at the world’s surf-able machines with soliton waves, you’ll see that not all are on par with Kelly’s. Some are neo-creations made specifically for shred fests while others are first-generation tourist undulators cranked up to 11 for some special occasion.

Want more? Check out our YouTube Channel and our Surf Planner wave pool list (Main image courtesy of Wavegarden with digital manipulation by Tiger Hayes.)

How many can you identify? Here’s the list as they appear:

Kobe Reyes, Japan
Xing Feng Extreme Sports Center, China
Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia
Urbnsurf, Melbourne Australia
Surf Lakes, Yeppoon, Australia
Valley of the Waves, Sun City South Africa
Wadi Adventure, Dubai
Siam Park, Canary Islands
Wavegarden Test Center, Basque Country
The Wave, Bristol England
Adventure Parc Snowdonia, Wales
American Dream, New Jersey USA
Typhoon Lagoon, Florida, USA
BSR Surf Resort, Waco Texas
Big Surf, Tempe Arizona
The Surf Ranch, Lemoore California