Mystery tech planned for Washington state wave pool

Yakima Washington news outlets are reporting plans for a new wave pool in the area. The Barreled surf park project is gaining momentum and hopes to build its future home near Moxee on an 80-acre parcel. Developers Mike Roy and Joey Lawrance say the waves will be up to eight feet on the max setting with 20-second rides.

The park would be situated on a hillside and include 25 cabins, an RV park and a dog park, and would employ about a dozen full-time workers and up to 75 seasonal workers, Lawrence told the Yakima Herald.

“It’s got a killer view, with Mount Adams in the back,” he said. “I want people to come and feel like they’re at the beach, but there will be no sand or palm trees. People will know they are in Yakima.”

To move the project forward, Roy and Lawrence are seeking permission to change the property’s water use from agricultural to recreational, a process done through Yakima County officials and the state Department of Ecology. The review by the board will be on Thursday.


Like many next-generation wave pools, this one says it will use less water than a golf course.

“I know water is a very sensitive subject around here,” Lawrence told the Herald. “They touted it as using about an eighth amount of a typical golf course.”

Not listed on the Barreled website is the type of wave technology the group will use to send out surf.

“Barreled will offer on-demand, customizable waves ranging in size up to eight feet and rides as long as 20 seconds. The variety in wave size and shapes accommodates surfers from novice to expert,” says the website.

All current types of wave-making technology are capable of 20-second rides, including Wavegarden, Whitewater’s Endless Surf, Surf Loch, PerfectSwell and others. Stay tuned as this project pushes forward.

Barreled is also fundraising through their website here and hopes to turn on the machine in 2023.