5 Reasons to Head to the Nearest Wave Pool by Olivia Jameson

Editor’s note: This post is part of a guest series of articles from the global surf community.

If you’re looking to scratch your itch and go on an adventure, why not try your hand at the fun water activities at your nearest wave pool? Artificial waves date back to late 19th century Bavaria — when King Ludwig II ingeniously electrified one of his private lakes to create man-made waves.

Today, wave pools vary from gentle family wave pools that simulate a nice day at the beach, to surf-wave pools that feature bigger waves. In this post, we’re going to provide you five easy reasons why you should visit your local wave pool and have a fun-filled day.

  1. They’re a safe and budget-friendly tourist destination

As the global health crisis continues, you may want to skip international getaways and choose domestic vacations instead for the time being. It’s not worth endangering your health and having to endure strict travel guidelines. This is also something to keep in mind as you’re planning your vacation budget, as you’ll have to pay extra fees for COVID testing and quarantine facilities — on top of the usual expenses for accommodation, car rentals, and other miscellaneous costs. So if you’re looking to have some fun, wave pools can do the job.

  1. Wave pools are an environmentally sustainable attraction

It’s no secret that international travel is detrimental to the earth. Surf parks prove to be more sustainable than overseas vacations, as you won’t be contributing to the massive carbon footprint generated by mass international travel and tourism. As long as the wave park has good eco-friendly practices, has measures in place to reduce harmful emissions, and is making an effort to minimize waste, you can rest easier knowing that your vacation won’t be at the cost of the environment.

  1. There’s a very friendly and welcoming surfing culture

If you’ve always wanted to surf, but never had the opportunity to visit well-known surfing spots in picturesque locations such as Hawaii or Bali, visiting your nearest wave pool is almost as good as the real thing. Most water parks have a great surfing culture where you can learn the basics and interact with trainers who’ll have firsthand experience riding waves in popular surfing spots.

  1. Wave pools provide a safe and controlled environment where you can learn how to surf

Despite seeming like a fun and safe sport, surfing in the ocean has a ton of risks. From marine life such as sharks, snakes, and jellyfish to terrifying and dangerous waves, beginners need to understand that surfing in the sea can be very dangerous. If you’ve only started to get acquainted with the sport, it’s in your best interest to learn how to surf in a safe and controlled environment such as a wave pool. In a wave pool, trainers can monitor you in case anything goes wrong, and you won’t have to worry about any other hazards aside from the waves.

  1. Learning to surf can help you build your confidence

It takes a certain level of physical fitness to learn how to surf. Learning how to surf isn’t easy, and you’re going to need to have the courage to face huge waves. The great thing about surfing is that it teaches you to be confident and face adversity head-on. As studies have shown, the confidence you get from surfing can also impact your personal life and positively affect your demeanor and self-esteem.

About the author: Olivia Jameson is an avid surfer and yogi with more than 10 years of surfing experience. Aside from surfing, Olivia is also deeply interested in alternative medicine and is currently training to become an acupuncturist.