New wave pool tech, concept discovered in South America

In line with two surf parks coming up fast in Brazil and a new wave technology launched out of Ecuador, WaveSEG joins the South America wave pool party with their own unique technology and branded surf park concept.

WeveSEG is part of SEG (South Entertainment Group) South America, and implements the design, installation and maintenance of wave pools marketed under the name Surf Place.

The company started back in 2012 and is now reaching the pointy end of in their proof-of-concept campaign with a host of test tanks in a warehouse in Argentina.

“Our work started with numeric studies to analyse the technology feasibility,” said Jaoaquin Lozada of WaveSEG. “After that we made progress in different models to verify the functionality of the system.”

WaveSEG Surf Place concept
Surf Place is the branded surf park concept by Argentinian wave-making company WaveSEG

The system is an air-compression-setup much like PerfectSwell, Endless Surf and Surf Loch, all of whom push out air from caissons to displace water and create waves. The number of caissons in a pool helps signify how large it is. Endless surf makes wave pools from ES1800 (18 caissons) to ES4800 (48 caissons). The WaveSEG system, at least the test models, looks very different because the air cannons are laid out horizontally rather than as vertical concrete chambers.

The company built a small four-cannon model recently and then constructed a full-size air cannon to test the machinery at scale. It worked, and now there is a four-cannon full-scale model in the works. A 32-cannon small-scale model is also being developed in the laboratory.

“We are studying wave versatility, height, range, speed and different wave profiles,” continued Lozada. “At the same time we are studying our wave generation system efficiency and effectiveness and its energy consumption.”

WaveSEG’s small four cannon system prototype test model. Construction has begun on a 32-cannon model of similar size while a full-scale 4-cannon wave pool is in the works somewhere in Argentina

WaveSEG added that their design focuses on energy recuperation via a water return system and stated they can recycle that initial energy into the next wave.

The company has endorsements from the Argentinean Surf Association whose aim is to further surfing in this country with a vibrant surf scene but spotty swell window. At the 2019 ISA World Games, the Argentinian team came in 15th out of 54 teams.

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