After helping flood victims, The Mad Hueys go for a night surf

The Mad Hueys crew were one of the first to boat aid to towns cut off from the rest of the world during Australia’s worst-ever flooding. It was the kind of sober scene we’re growing accustomed to during increasing natural disasters. The brand’s social media channels briefly halted its usual fare of boating fails, surf slams and images of team members holding up very large fish, and replaced it with calls for aid to those who needed help. It was beautiful to see the hedonistic goofballs transition so easily to helping fellow humans.

The team describes themselves as “A group of mates who love to surf, fish and throw back beers.” Surf parks can fulfill two of those passions, but we’ve yet to hear plans of stocking wave pools with game fish. Despite this, in the wake of all the hard work, the crew took a team surf trip to Urbnsurf. The Mad Huey team includes Dingo Morrison, Shaun Harrington, Brent Dorrington, Cooper Downes, Jimmi Hill, George Hunter and Jarvis Barrow.