It’s kinda weird, but Lewis Hamilton loves wave pools

We’ve got video evidence of Lewis Hamilton in Lemoore, Melbourne and most recently, Waco. And we can’t figure out what’s going on.

This we do know: He is called the Billion Dollar Man, or simply King. He’s often compared that other fast-twitch-muscle-fiber anomaly in the world of sports named Kelly Slater. Lewis owns seven Formula1 world championships to Kelly’s 11 CT titles. Lewis has north of 100 event wins on the track compared to Kelly’s 55 CT wins. They are both hyper-competitive individuals, and perhaps this explains why Lewis has been seen hitting a wave pool every chance he gets – he wants to beat Kelly Slater.

Or simply, just like the rest of us, he wants to surf as much as possible.

When COVID shut down the Melbourne F1 race, Lewis turned it into an opportunity to hit up Urbnsurf. You can check the clip here. He’s also been spotted at the Surf Ranch (with Kelly) enjoying some frigid lefts. (clip at the bottom of this page.)

Most recently Lewis was joined in Waco by Makua Rothman and Motocross Champ Dylan Ferrandis. The session shows the F1 icon polishing his surf technique, complete with a sweet barrel. The trio later talk story around cans of Monster Energy drink (a main sponsor for all three athletes) about their respective sports careers and what’s uniquely challenging to each one.

“Surfing is my favorite sport. I love the ocean and I love the water and the power of the movement,” said Lewis. “And going out there it just feels like you’re disconnected from all the negative things that are going around in the world and all the negative airwaves. Out there it’s just pure.”