Are things getting weird at your house during the lockdown?

Life is strange right now. Some of us are using the lockdown time to better ourselves with YouTube cooking classes, podcasts on home organization and online yoga. All good corners of self-improvement. But many of us are discovering it’s really hard to stay the course after four weeks (depending on your corner of the world) indoors.

Beyond bettering yourself what are you doing during the lockdown? Anything strange? In all honesty, we went a little nuts recently with forays into butter surfing and miming (why not!). All of which proved to us that we’re not beyond making horrible decisions during the lockdown.

In this clip we juxtapose positive visions of fresh wave pool surfing with some off-kilter ideas. Please learn from our mistakes. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay sane.

Footage courtesy of Ben Player, Nathan Florence, The Dorians, Urbnsurf, Stab Mag, The Wave. Music: “Escape” by Houses of Heaven

Main photo by 7 SeTh on Unsplash